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pond maintenance


As our primary service, we know how to expertly maintain ponds of any size and scale. Part of our job is to manage the general upkeep of ponds which goes far beyond it's outward appearance. We check water levels and stability; during the event of storms, our team is responsible for catching excess water to prevent flooding. We apply water treatments to keep ponds clean in accordance with EPA regulations and county ordinances.

We also provide treatments designed to detract mosquitoes and rodents. Plus, we keep the pond grounds looking attractive by reducing weeds and overgrown areas while providing a range of landscaping services.

pond building

Pond Building

Since we maintain ponds, it's only natural that we build them, too. Our team installs retention ponds in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Depending on the desired location, we examine soil to ensure the area can support a pond. From there we can begin the building process. We have the equipment to excavate and install materials for pond structures. If you're interested in learning more, call us today at (706) 294-8493.

Landscaping & More!

Landscaping & More

Landscaping is another area that goes hand-in-hand with our pond maintenance services. After all, it's our goal to keep outdoor spaces orderly and beautiful for the benefit of the community. Specializing in a full-range of landscaping services, we install unique flowerbeds, water features, retaining walls and french drains. We also specialize in installing irrigation systems both within ponds and on grounds. Have a few trees that need to be trimmed or removed? We can take care of that too with our tree removal and management services!